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Sullivan Supercomputer

Photo of HPCThe mission of Intel® PCCSB is supported by the Sullivan supercomputer, a high-performance computing system dedicated to Intel® PCCSB-associated projects. The Sullivan supercomputer is composed of a high-performance RAID storage sub-system of a hundred terabytes, a sub-system powered by thousands of Intel® Xeon CPU cores, and a sub-system powered by the latest Intel® Xeon Phi coprocessors that incorporate another several thousand X86 CPU cores. Made possible by a generous gift of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sullivan, the system is the major testing bed and a dedicated parallel computing environment for the research projects conducted at the Intel® PCCSB. What makes this arrangement unique is that the data-processing software developed by Intel® PCCSB is deliberately optimized for maximizing the output performance and efficiency of the Sullivan supercomputer. If you are interested in taking advantage of the Sullivan supercomputer’s unique software environment in your research and becoming an Intel® PCCSB collaborator, please contact Intel® PCCSB scientists for further information.