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Structure-Inspired Bioengineering

The universe of molecules controlling the biological processes is immense. Knowing the structural origin of a biological molecular system will provide the ultimate information about how the systems work and how to reengineer the system. Structures goven the functioning of molecular systems. As such, structures can be a diverse source of inspiration for ways to reengineer the biological materials as well as those interfacing with biological systems. These studies require tools to define, design, monitor and verify the systems subject to structure-inspired engineering. Supercomputing technology may open up various opportunities in all phases in such a course. For instance, during the design phase, supercomputing may be used to expolore the physically feasible structures through exhaustive search in the conformational space of protein fold. During the verifiction phase, supercomputing may be used to visualize and examine the experimental implimentation of the structures from cryo-electron microscopy data. In the Intel® PCCSB, we are developing tools that are vital for tasks previously untractable, which will lead to the future innovation in structure-inspired bioengineering.