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   Training Programs at Intel® PCCSB

Intel Xeon Phi Programming Training

Intel Corporation and its partners offer specialized Xeon Phi programming training for IPCCSB members. The training is provided once or twice a year.

Cryo-EM Training Program

Through collaboration with Harvard CNS, IPCCSB offers comperhensive training on experimental cryo-EM techniques. Ecah training class normally accomendates no more than 3 trainees and will last for 10 full-day sessions over 2-3 months. Due to the difficulty in mastering cryo-EM techniques and the time investment of close hands-on instruction and supervision, this training program is currently only available to trainees from faculty labs affiliated with IPCCSB.

Nanocourse in Cryo-EM Analysis of Biomolecular Systems

IPCCSB is planning to establish a Nanocourse in Cryo-EM Analysis of Biomolecular Systems. Please stay tuned for the course annoucement.

Please contract IPCCSB for more information about our training programs.