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Automated CryoEM Imaging System

The FEI Tecnai Arctica is equipped with the state-of-the-art robotic cryo-sample handling subsystem, called Autoloader, that can perform automatic cryo-sample transfer to the microscope specimen stage. The Arctica is controlled by a distributed, database-driven automated data collection system, Leginon 3.1. The implementation and deployment of this automation system has been customized to meet the requirement of high-throughput and big-data collection and preprocessing on the Arctica, which is supported by 100 TB data storage arrays at the backend. The automated imaging software has implemented and improved low-dose, high-throughput imaging procedures, which are necessary in single-particle reconstruction, electron tomography and electron crystallography of biological macromolecules at an improved resolution.

Visit the website of Leginon to learn more about the software.