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Tecnai Arctica Imaging Platform

The FEI Tecnai Arctica, hosted in the Harvard Center for Nanoscale Systems (CNS), is a dedicated high-resolution biological cryogenic transmission electron microscope (cryo-TEM). The Arctica is equipped with 4K high-definition CCD and direct detector cameras, and an automated imaging software system. The platform is designed for atomic-resolution imaging and analysis of single molecules at unprecedented data throughput and signal-to-noise ratio. The funds used for the purchase of this cryo-TEM came from the National Institutes of Health, and were awarded based on previous research work done by Intel® PCCSB scientists and their collaborators. The platform is the major high-end instrument generating structural data that feed the Intel® PCCSB research programs. The Intel® PCCSB manages and maintains the backend IT infrastructure for high-throughput automated data acquisition on the Arctica. If you are interested in becoming a collaborator of Intel® PCCSB or an advanced Arctica user, please contact CNS staff and Intel® PCCSB scientists for more information.

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